Alex Hubers

My name is Alex Hubers, and

I am getting a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Iowa, where I’m a member of the Computational Logic Center. I like (functional) programming languages, semantics, and type theory.

Research Agenda

My active research interest is in expressing extensible data types using row types (with Dr. J. Garrett Morris, Co-Advisor). My current work is in expanding the expressivity of System Rω, a higher-order row calculus with label-generic combinators. In laymen’s terms: I am interested in saving programmer time by making statically-typed code more reusable.

I am also very interested in:


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echo YWh1YmVyc0B1aW93YS5lZHU= | base64 --decode

or by googling “base 64 decoder” and using whatever pops up.


Here is my github.

Writing & Publications

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